Africa Supply

Africa Supply has trading relationships with the majority of the 50 most important companies on the African Continent and has participated in hundreds of important projects in these countries.
The platform provides numerous tools to facilitate the exporters to introduce their products on these markets:
Search of distributors and representing agents within a database of 50.000 companies registered in 54 countries.
Search of suppliers both in African countries and in Spain.
Integral supplies for entire projects.
Market place, available on the web and distributed daily to our agents for presentation to the final client.
Agency services through our CRM.
Full / part cargo charters via MedIva Chartering SL.
We cooperate with Ginka Hundreva, FICS of Mediva Chartering since more than 6 years and trust in her professionalism and knowledge of the Dry Cargo Chartering Market. That’s why we have chosen Mediva Chartering as our logistic partner for all Chartering matters of our company and at the same time offer their clients the possibility to expand their business on the African continent through our trading platform.
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